Sunday, January 09, 2005

Jack Jack Attack!

I continue to love television.

Thank gwarsh 24 is back and filling in my empty Monday night schedule! I used to watch Fear Factor, but that show is all sorts of lame now.

You may or may not remember or care, but back on my August 04, 2004 blog entry, I talked about how they were filming 24 at Union Station. Well finally, that episode aired (Hour 2) and they were all over where I am just about every day. It was exciting to see. It would have been more exciting if I left work early that day and was actually in the shots.

But 24 is back and kicking major boot. This season started out completely strong; much much stronger than seasons 2 and 3. Where else can you get two major explosions in one hour of television? Season one's opener only has it beat because it had a badboot airplane explosion.

So let's recap. Sundays: Simpsons; Desperate Housewives. Mondays: 24. Tuesdays: Scrubs; Committed. Wednesdays: Lost. Thursdays: Joey. Fridays: Nothing. Saturdays: Nothing.

I have a nicely filled TV schedule again! I can live for another year. Yes!

Always forgetting to list The Teletubbies,