Friday, January 14, 2005

Random Hearts

I don't really know what to write about tonight. I've got a lot of short tidbits to write about, but nothing that sticks out and screams "I GOTTA TELL ALL TWO OF MY READERS THIS!"

So here are the random things I have to tell:

- I'm busy trying to find a gift for Angel Wing Jasmine. Her birthday is so very near and I'm having a rough time finding something of her liking. And then I gotta ship that bad boy up north.

- The iPod Shuffle was announced the other day and it looks pretty sweet. It's the size of a pack of Bubblicious bubble gum and it can hold either 512MB or 1GB. The catch though is that there is no screen, so Apple is pushing it as "Life is Random" and unpredictable. You never know what song will be next! That sounds sorta cheesy, but it's fun to hear the spin.

It's only $99 though which is really nothing. So I figure I'll just pick one up for the hell of it. When I listen to my iPod, I usually pick one playlist and hear all the songs from it on shuffle, so I think the iPod Shuffle could prove very useful. Yes, sometimes the iPod, as small as it is, feels too big and bulky to carry around. I'm spoiled.

I'm also thinking about getting the new iMac Mini. Yes, the conversion from a PC to an Apple computer is a big leap, but I figure anything is better than his POS computer I'm using now.

- I'm headed back to New York! Erico Suave, MacArthur, and I are going to be staying at Ellvin Kelvin's studio apartment while he is in Hawaii. We're only going to be there for 5 nights, so it's going to be a major task to see as many shows as possible. Right now, my personal preference is to see Wicked, Brooklyn, Avenue Q, and Beauty & the Beast. I think we're trying to do Broadway on a budget, but I'm willing to shell out (reasonably) whatever to see a show. I'm in New York... so why not?

- Erico Suave's birthday is coming next month and I already know what I'm going to get him. This past Christmas was pretty crappy when Princess Karlita and I gave him the same shirt from Hot Topic. But this gift, I'm absolutely sure she can not replicate. I hope I can get it in time though...

- My iPod warranty is almost up and my battery is not quite working as well as it used to. I've always considered just extending the warranty an extra year for $60 (I've heard that it includes a free battery replacement when the battery is 50% depleted). But I'm also hearing some nightmare stories about Apple making excuses and wiggling their way out of replacing the batteries for free, so I don't think I'm going to go with that option. The second option is to have Apple replace the battery for $99. Way too expensive for a battery that still only offers 8 hours of playback. So, with the advice from, I am going to get a $30 replacement battery (with a 10 hour life) and replace it myself. I only hope I can successfully do it.

- I've changed offices at work. They were rearranging people and I got placed next to the front door in a small little nook. It's actually pretty nice. I'll get pictures in the future.

- I'm almost done with Sora's story on Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The card aspect turned me off to the game at first, but I actually like it now. Will I play more card games? Hell no. Well, I don't know. Metal Gear Acid for the PSP is coming out soon and it's card based, so we'll see.

Alright, I'm done rambling. I'm gonna just kick back, relax, and enjoy this three day weekend. Thank you Mr. Luther King!

Turning random thoughts into ten page novels,