Thursday, April 21, 2005

My, My, My, All That I Am is Ever the Same

Life's unexciting. It's work work work work work work work work work work and very little play.

Speaking of a play, just about everyone is going to see K-mart as the Queen Munchkin in her school's production of Wizard of Oz. How perfect is that? This'll refresh everyone's memory of the Wiz del Oz before Wicked. Then, this coming Sunday, K-mart and I are headed down to Hollywood to check out a show called Bark! It's the story of six dogs (played by humans) in a pound, singing about their lives. I read really great reviews for it three or four months ago, but no one was really interested in seeing it with me. I'm all willing to take a risk and see a no name show, but others are a little apprehensive about that stuff (especially when tickets are $40). But K-mart, fresh from her theater-hopping bonanza in New York, was willing to go; so we're going. I'll report back on how the show was.

This past Tuesday, I picked up the new Rob Thomas solo album and it's really awesome! I always liked Matchbox Twenty stuff, but I never bought any of their albums. I figured the radio plays out all their good tunes anyway, so why bother? I wasn't too thrilled about his first release ("Lonely No More") because it sounded like a Ricky Martin tuner. But then I heard him perform his next single ("Ever the Same") and knew I had to run out and get the album. That song is just too awesome. And I'm glad I got the album because most of the songs kick butt.

I'm a couple chapters into the book Life of Pi. It's pretty fantastic so far. It actually reads like a college term paper. The main character gives us thorough explanations to things of faith and humanity. There are so many quotes that I want to pull from the book because they're awesome and well thought out.

If you happen to see Princess Karlita passing by, wish her a happy relaxy birthday!

Fallin' to pieces,