Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Ruff Sunday

Man, driving into LA is such a bitch.

Speaking of bitches, I saw Bark! The Musical today with K-mart. But firstly, about that drive (I just can't resist a nice segue).

I was ready to go so very early because for some reason I woke up really early. But I told K-mart to be ready by 12:30pm (the show started at 2pm). Well, because I'm on this very lenient low carb diet, I found that right at 12:20pm, I had to take an urgent dump. So that left me leaving late and backtracking to pick up K-mart late. So we got a late start.

Then there was traffic on the damn 60 freeway as freakin' always. And then I didn't really know where the theater was, so we kinda went down the street until we saw it and then we parked quickly and had to run to the theater (which K-mart hated me for) and made it just in time. In New York, you could just catch a subway and wham, bam, thank you ma'am, you're there. In Los Angeles, driving sucks.

WOOF! RickyRoutes and K-mart go to the dogs.

Well anyway, about the show. It was great! The whole show is essentially sung, save for two monologues which are hilarious. The songs are really fantastic. When they're not funny, they tug at your heartstrings. One dog sings to his master that he's not afraid to be put to sleep and asks to be held while he closes his eyes (it's the only song that's made me cry). Another dog fantasizes about being an astronaut and flying away from the tree that he's bound and chained to. There's a part during that song where the dog, leashed at his collar, marches forward determined to not be held down, yet he doesn't get anywhere. It was a really powerful site to witness. The actors and actresses were all great and K-mart and I met them after. They all just walked by us like we weren't there and when we asked for their autographs, they were all shocked that we wanted them. I guess not many people stick around to meet them, but that's one thing I like most about seeing live shows. The fact that you get to meet the cast after.

My only complaint about the show is that there isn't much of a story to follow. The show is basically a bunch of songs about what dogs do. I guess it would be something you'd see if you were at a doggy day care and dogs could talk and sing. If they string the songs together to tell a simple story, it could become as big as Avenue Q.

Well it's a nice little show that's thoroughly entertaining and I hope it makes it big. Then maybe I can cash in on these autographs!

Big thanks to K-mart for going with me! I had a great time.

Whizzin' on stuff,