Saturday, April 30, 2005

Life Should Be Simple

Oy vey. This past week crawled along.

I'm trying to keep things on the downlow because nothing is set in stone, but I'm possibly very close to getting a full-time permanent job with benefits and the whole shabang. Right now, I'm still a temporary employee hired through an agency, working in the same department and under the same manager as Mother Routes. But one of the employees, Co-worker Mike, on the other side of the floor is leaving the company to go to grad school. Therefore, the head honcho boss approached and notified me when they were posting the job and kept following up until I applied for it. He's a really nice and great and funny boss.

But I don't want to say too much in case I don't get the job. Here's hoping...

Anyway, because of this job thing, I've felt more at liberty to spend money; and spend I have at an alarming rate. You remember that thing Yeah, perhaps I shouldn't have started up on internet buying because now I can't stop. Well, I bought the Lemony Snicket DVD at Circuit City on Tuesday, but found that it was $10 less on Amazon. So I bought it from Amazon, but had to buy something else to get free shipping. I ended up spending $40. Well at least I'm saving money in the long run.

I've got some big purchases coming up. I'm getting a Mac Mini at last (I have been waiting for Apple's new OS, Tiger). I'm also interested in buying a mini DV camcorder because I figure, what good is a Mac if I don't edit video? And if I get this permanent job, I may have to start making payments on a new house. Yeah, you heard me; a freakin' whole house. We'll talk more about that if this whole thing actually pans out.

Maybe it's all these goings-on that are making me feel all squarmy in my skin. And yeah, I realize this blog was written all shittily, but whatever. I'm all squarmy. Cut me a break.

Just wanting some kibble,