Sunday, May 08, 2005


Tis ye grand ol' day of the mothers and those women in our lives who are motherly and guiding. So why is Mother Routes all stressed at the moment?

Probably because we're late for the grand ol' ye Mother's Day family hoopity-doopla party palooza. Yeah, it's a potluck and we don't know what we're bringing yet.

I feel kinda bad. Last year, I did this big ol' shoppapalooza cake and flower bit for my co-worker "mothers," but this year, I didn't do anything. Well, I guess it's good to stop at the second year, otherwise it's assumed that my giving is a tradition. And I wouldn't want that!

But even for my mother mother, I wanted to do something big (ol'), or just anything for today. I never really got a chance to think up something (something about interview prep that occupied my time and nerves). But in the Vons ad today, I saw that they had flower arrangements starting at $30, so I stopped by to see what I could fetch. Apparently everyone had the same idea because they had absolutely nothing (except for this very small, very crappy flower/weed arrangement in a dinky dog-bowlish looking pot). So I figure we'll just take her and the family to Lucille's BBQ House again. Love dem ribs!

Zi zian,