Saturday, July 02, 2005

S-Mac Down!

So today started out just freakin' fine and dandy. I tend to try and avoid using those queer ass terms such as "fine and dandy," but I'm trying to come off as extremely sarcastic at the moment (as I punch this blog into my keyboard fucking pissed).

I was chatting with S-Dawg while looking up some stuff on the internet. Possibly some Disney stuff. When all of a sudden, my computer starts to freeze up. The screen would freeze up and give me that lovely beach ball mouse icon (the equivalent of the hourglass icon for PC users). These freeze ups lasted for minutes apart and would again freeze when I clicked anywhere on the screen. So I powered it down and back on and would you fucking know it??? The damn thing never starts up again.

So I try my damndest to fix the problem, but after several different scans, I'm told by the computer that the hard drive needs to be repaired. So I'm going to have to get my ass down to the Apple store and get it fixed (and I have to drag Nick Burns along with me). Yeah, I need a replacement part after only about 50 days of operation. This is not the reliable, problem-free Apple experience I was expecting. Somehow, I always get the bad luck with big purchases. I get the shitty parts. I get the headaches. Fuck this shitty life!

Dammit, could I just catch a break for once? Jesus, is that so much to ask? God damn this fucking world. Now I really do hope aliens come and destroy the planet. Where the hell was that apocolypse that we were promised? WHERE ARE THE FUCKING TRUMPETS???

Note: I realize that any company I buy a computer from could potentially install a defective hard drive. In no way does this make me completely regret switching to Apple. Will I switch back to PCs? Fuck no. I can't go back to boring operating systems. I'm going to get this fixed and return to the iMac. But I sure as hell will be scared that my hard drive will go on the fritz again. Hell, if I learned anything from this (and it's happened before on the PC and I never ever learn), it's this: BACK UP YOUR FUCKING COMPUTER!!!

If I have to go through that iTunes crap again, I'm just going to have to slam my head through the monitor and end it all now.

The fucking luckiest mother fucker on the planet because I won $15 and a broken hard drive,