Sunday, August 14, 2005

Summer's Gone By

Not that summer is any vacation or anything (it's just a very hot and muggy any-other-season), but it sure zipped by fast. Ask any of my cousins and they'll tell you that summer's going by way too fast (except for K-mart who gets an extra month of breaktime). For me, however, I'm still in a depressed state because this licensing exam is going to whoop my ass. I can't stop worrying about it, but I also can't focus on it. It's do or die time for this and I'm going down with the Titanic.

Thus, this explains why in the all important month of August, I've only had two blogs so far. You'd think the blog month of my birthday would reign supreme, but no. Each and every blog leading up to my September 12th exam will unfortunately be about preparing for the exam. Even the one on my birthday will be about the test. Mark my words.

And things at work are getting crazy. Co-worker Mike, whose job I am inheriting, will be leaving in two weeks which means I will have to actually take on his duties solo. That guy had like 6 different jobs and now guess who has to do them.

As if I didn't have enough on my plate, I'm organizing the group ticket sales of Thoroughly Modern Millie co-starring our own Prisoner Tribbiani. Get this... group tickets go on sale tomorrow, but he doesn't start rehearsals till August 22nd. The only tour stop in California will be in Palm Desert, which is muy far from here, but we can't miss it for the world. For Wicked, we had 25 people. This time we'll have close to 40 people. That is insane. That will be around $2,340 on my new Platinum card. Am I crazy for volunteering to handle these things? Yes.

Gotta study,