Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hell Week... and Puppies!

Holy hell. It's been more than a week since I last posted and it's already September. I hate the fact that I only got in four blogs during my glorious month of August, but I did warn that it would be a skimpy month of writings. I'm also afraid to say that this month will probably follow suite since my test is now eleven days away! Holy toledo indeed!

I'm hoping I just pass this darn thing. I mean, it's not even something that's really necessary for the job. It's just good to have. And speaking of my job. Things this week have been pretty hellish. I've suddenly become overcome with responsibility. Now I know how Peter Parker felt. I'm really working for my skimpy pay by testing up to five different things at once, dealing with foreign affairs, handling competitive analyst inquiries from other companies, and running quotes for agents. It's a wonder I don't just punch myself in the face everyday. I would never want to make myself look puggish.

Speaking of dogs, Nintendogs is going great! I now have three dogs; my shiba inu Nessa (whom y'all met last blog), my labrador retriever Seymour (named after Fry's pup in Futurama), and my german shepherd Scarlet (because of her crimson color and subtle homage to the movie Steamboy). They've all quickly learned an array of stellar tricks. Nessa can even breakdance. She'll serve all ya'll skimpy asses good.

Well, I've got more to say, but I'll spare ya'll the whatever it is you'll save by not reading what I'm too lazy to write. I'd just like to take this opportune time to say happy belated birthday to Charmin and happy anniversaries to all my aunt and uncle homies who celebrated in August and also Mother and Father Routes.

Barely bloggin',