Monday, October 03, 2005

The Ever Elusive Soundtrack

Today, for you I will discuss my freakin' frustration and impatience in finding the damn RENT movie soundtrack. The dang thing has been out in stores (supposedly) since last Tuesday and I still don't own it; hell I haven't even made contact with it. Of course, some people think that since the original cast is in the movie, that it's ridiculous buying the soundtrack since it's basically the same. Well it doesn't matter that what you own is from the same people. The important thing is that now the cast has grown better; and the music is more rockin'.

Anyway, on to my misadventures. The very first place I dropped by to pick it up was Best Buy. I didn't see it on the shelves, so I asked someone to look it up for me. They saw it in the computer and just denounced that if it wasn't on the shelf, then they don't have it. How's that for customer service. Now I should tell you that Best Buy has done this to me before. Every new CD I want to buy is NEVER on the floor. I have to ask them and most of the time I walk out empty handed; only to go right into a Circuit City where they always have it (except for this time).

Mind you, this Best Buy business was last Wednesday. So, I decided to let it all simmer and try back over the weekend. No rush right? Timotei would also like to hear it, but we're okay with just listening to the original cast recording in the mean time.

Flash forward to yesterday (Sunday) when I dragged Timotei along to the mall where I was certain I would finale get my hands on the CD. I pestered him to go continuously and he told me, "Fine, take me or leave." Me and my bro hit up another Best Buy with nothing to show for it. We did however see the worst ever roadkill on the street. But I won't trouble ya'll with even more depressing details.

We were headed to the mall at around lunchtime and I felt that I should treat Timotei to something. Although I was craving and drooling over the Moon Over My Hammy sandwich from Denny's, we settled for burritos at Baja Fresh. We had a big ass burrito con carnitas and nachos. Those burritos are way better than the Gordita Sante Fe's at Taco Bell. I was so stuffed that I felt like I needed to be put on life support. Seriously.

So then, the first stop at the mall was Tower Records where I had read had the CDs available for a cheap price. Bupkis. Then after a bit of quick spending at SportMart, we drove to a different Circuit City. I swear, with all the driving we were doing around town, we're gonna need a major tune up soon.

Anyway, the Circuit City trip proved useless. A quick stop at a nearby Target unearthed absolutely nothing either. Dismayed, I decided to just order it from Amazon. But with the free shipping, they said that it would be delivered around Halloween. That's way too long to wait! So I cancelled the order.

Later on Sunday, we went with our cousins to Borders where I had never considered. A quick browse on their computer inventory search revealed that the Borders I was in didn't have it, but the one closest to my house did! But I would have to wait for another day because it was getting too late.

Which brings us to earlier this evening. I called my nearest Borders and after being put on hold for 20 minutes as they searched their boxed inventory, the lady told me that they couldn't find it, but to check back later in the week. God, will I ever get this damn soundtrack??? I was about to go out tonight and pop that girl in the face and tell her to find it, but I kept my cool. After all, it is the season of love. Yeah right, my ass. I'll go to her tomorrow and say "Get me the damn CD or I'll jab you in your eyes!" You'll see. She won't however see it coming.

You can help me out. If you're at a store and you see the soundtrack, leave me a voice mail. But till then, I'll be trying back throughout the week till I get my grubby hands on it. Princess Karlita already has a copy and she just went to her local Best Buy. Damn her!

Oh well, so that was my story. By the way, I think I've already played this "incorporate as many song titles as you can within the blog" game before. Oh well. I found it entertaining.