Sunday, February 26, 2006

When I Grow Up

Yes, I know there was this huge gap between my last blog and this (I think I missed two Saturdays), but [enter excuse here].

Actually I do have a valid excuse. I've been sick... a-freakin-gain. I had to miss a day of work last week when it was bad. I think it's just a cold, but I'm such a baby when it comes to headaches and sore throats and mucus and clogged ears and schtuff. I should be fully over it by Tuesday though.

Anyway, I was watching this MTV show "True Life" yesterday and they were talking about competitive eaters. It seems like the ones that do the best in these eating contests are the skinny/fit ones, which struck me as odd. But whatever the case, I've decided to pursue a career as a competitive eater!

Let's see... all I have to do is eat 22 pounds of noodles every other night. I already eat 1/22 of that!

Okay, I'll probably never become a hot dog eating champion (maybe a CostCo polish dog champ). Actually watching those people eat so much makes me sick. It's not normal.

Speaking of athletes (we weren't, but I needed a segue), I'm so glad the Winter Olympics are ending. About the only person I cared to root for was Michelle Kwan and since she dropped out, I've been dreading its two week run. Two weeks meant lack of the few NBC shows I watch; namely Scrubs, Earl, and The Office. So having them back next week will be a breath of fresh air.

Next week also brings Ellvin Kelvin and his girlfriend (I'm not sure at the moment if I made a Routes identity for her). They'll be here for their Spring break where they'll hit up Disneyland and Magic Mountain and CURRY HOUSE. Then they'll high tail it to Seattle for a few days. Not sure what's in Seattle. Sounds kinda backwoodsy to me.

So because they're coming over, we've been cleaning house like mad women with black diaries. I'm finding it easier to throw away stuff. Things that I found valuable as keepsakes years ago find their way to the trash in a split second. And it feels good, you know? Years ago we had rats running around the house. I cleaned out some dresser drawers and found some old rat poop! Freakin' nasty.

Okay, that seems a little too much information. So let's leave it here.

Hacking up a loogie,