Sunday, March 05, 2006

Up & Go

And just like that, Ellvin Kelvin and Harmony (I think that's what I called his girlfriend and if not, I'm dubbing her Harmony now) are outta here! They got in on Tuesday night, did nothing on Wednesday (we had CURRY HOUSE), went to Disneyland on Thursday (thanks to Erico Suave), did nothing on Friday, some family stuff on Saturday, and gone early this morning. Harmony's got some family and friends up north scattered down the 5 freeway, so it'll be a fun roadtrip to be had by all.

I'm sure they had some sort of fun here in rainy-at-the-time California (sure, when they leave it gets stereotypically bright and sunny), but now it's our turn to venture eastward and have fun in the Big Apple. Just two more months away! Lard knows that I need a vacation.

Last week I bought the RENT movie on DVD. I gotta say that the two times I watched it in theaters, I wasn't bowled over by it. Things struck me as lazy or totally mistranslated. But I've found myself more forgiving watching it on DVD and now I just about love it. I still think the pacing is too slow, but at least I know how long those moments are and what comes next. Anyway, however, I still hate where "Goodbye Love" ends and how it jumps right into "What You Own." The DVD includes the missing song parts as deleted scenes, so I spent much time last week editing those scenes back into the movie using Apple's iMovie software. It was very easy and very impressive if I may say so myself. There was also an alternate ending that I edited into the movie and I extracted the song played over the end credits and added in "Love Heals" which was what I thought should have been there in the first place. So basically, it's my ultimate cut, though not entirely. Maybe I'll make some more trims and cuts in the future to make the pacing more to my liking. Bottom line, movie editing is damn fun. I'm definitely getting a DV camcorder now.

Today, we're going to catch the matinee showing of K-mart's play, whose name escapes me at the moment. Something about something something. I'll report back, knowing me, next week; or really knowing me, next next week.

Getting back into directing,