Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yesterday, I wrote a big song and dance about two points. It was a very funny entry that I was very happy with... only when I posted it, it posted under the same day as my previous blog entry and I didn't like that.

So, I deleted it and saved it in my Clipboard widget for easy posting today. Only, as I went to retrieve it just now, I accidentally hit the wrong button and erased it all.

So though it pains me to lose such a clever post, I'm not about to retype it word for word. The two points were:

1) I had nicknamed Ellvin Kelvin's girlfriend last June "Faith." It was a Passions soap opera thing. Then I unknowingly renamed her "Harmony," also a Passions thing. But K-mart gave me an awesome suggestion: "Amazing Grace." Even though it uses her real name in there, it's perfect because 1a) she is pretty amazing (aw shucks!) and 2a) she enjoys the show Amazing Race.

2) We're fixing up our backyard so we can get a dog. Lee Leman told us we should adopt instead of getting our dream dog: Siberian Husky. So we'll adopt with the help of Samantha Wu.