Friday, March 24, 2006

Help Me to Help You

It's been a while since I've read a book. I think the last one was that disappointing Series of Unfortunate Events book (unless the instruction manual for Metroid Prime Hunters counts). But after listening to this comedian/writer on the Jamie, Jack, and Stench radio show make hilarious jokes about people's problems when he was supposed to play therapist, I had to hear more from this guy. So I bought his book, Spilled Gravy: Advice on Love, Life, and Acceptance from a Man Uniquely Unqualified to Give It by Ed Driscoll.

I started reading the book and found that it's a bit embarrassing reading in public; namely because of the title "...Advice on Love, Life, and Acceptance" and the classification on the back proclaiming that it's a "self-help" book. I'm not reading the book for self improvement at all; it's strictly for some stories to make me laugh. But if I were to leave the book with some nice lessons and advice on life, then that's a great little bonus! Well anyway, the book is, as expected, pretty funny. I'm into the third chapter and the book reads like a blog. So far, he's talking mostly about how he quit school to pursue his dream of being a comedian. His writing is very sarcastic as he's always got something smart-allecky to say about anything, which makes me laugh. Who knows, maybe one day, I'll consolidate all my blogs into book form and charge y'all $15 to read it. Though, I've got no advice to give whatsoever, except that you should never participate in a Triple Shit and that holding in farts tones your abs.

And for those of you cunning enough to catch my game drop (ha, that's a play on the phrase "name drop") above, yes, I have some new video games. Who knew that I would be obsessed with video games again at this age. Maybe it's a form of mid-twenties crisis. A few years ago, I was into the Playstation 2, but was never really into it. I was a big Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts fan, but nothing more. I think our Playstation 2 is used more as a DVD player than anything. Anyway, I sort of left Nintendo behind. But with the Nintendo DS, I've rediscovered my Nintendo fanboyism and am trying to catch up on great things I had missed. Well, I am now hooked on the Metroid Prime series. The DS Metroid game is furiously fun during multiplayer blast-fests. And I rediscovered Tetris with Tetris DS. There are some new game modes that are as addicting as the classic mode. I also got Metal Gear Solid: Subsistence (which is basically Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater with multiplayer action). Maybe I'll play that someday. And next week, we'll be getting Kingdom Hearts 2, which I don't get to play first. Timotei gets first dibs this time.

One last thing I wanted to just quickly update y'all on is that I did get my bonus and it's not as much as I had hoped. But they factored in that I didn't work the entire year last year. Well it's still a pretty penny and it's better than no bonus at all, so I'm happy. Perhaps I'll buy my digital camcorder with it. What I should be doing is putting it into savings for the house I'm looking into buying. Eep.

Trying to get into this March Madness mayhem,