Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sick of Sick

Cripes man, I guess this is some sort of bad karma or something because earlier this week I finally kicked my two week cold or whatever and passed it over to Timotei. And on Thursday, he passed it right back over to me. THAT'S NOT HOW THIS STUFF IS SUPPOSED TO WORK!!!

What happened to my immune system? That's it, you guys are fired. Thanks for the shoddy work, you damn lazy asses. Well I'm back to the running nose and the coughing and the sniffling and the clogged ears, but fortunately no headaches. I guess I just need to sleep it off this entire weekend. God I hate wasting a weekend for the betterment of my health. Ah, who am I kidding. I would have wasted it anyway.

But since I'm awake from sleeping four hours already, I might as well tell you some stuff:

- I'm getting my bonus soon at work. Others have received theirs, so I'm anticipating word on the extra moola on Monday.

- Ellvin Kelvin bought Timotei and I tickets for The Wedding Singer musical in New York! I've been brushing up by listening to my Stephen Lynch albums. Hilarious.

- Next week (or even Tuesday alone) is a HUGE week because I get to buy Metroid Prime: Hunters, Tetris DS, and Batman Beyond: Season One. Freakin' sweet. I can't wait.

- The ants invaded my bathtub/shower earlier this week. The bathtub has been the cleanest it's been in years so I don't know what the hell they expected to find. I saw one of their scouts on my bathroom counter the other day and smashed it without hesitation, but it turns out I just severely injured it and left it twitching. I actually felt really guilty and saddened by this so I gave it an extra mercy smash. The ants are pretty smart though. The day before the rains hit today (I guess I could have just said "yesterday"), the ants up and went. Somehow the animals are always the first to know.

- Happy Saint Patrick's Day! If it weren't already the day after St. Patty's Day, I would reach through this monitor and pinch you sons of bitches.

Okay, I think that's enough delusional ranting today. I need to get back to sleep.

Wetting bed or getting better (that makes no sense),