Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Exponential Excitement

Sirs, I am in need of a vacation. I believe my last vacation was just about a year ago when I went to New York with Erico Suave and MacArthur. Has it really been that long? Well shucks to that! I'm on my way back to New York. Seems like yesterday I was just announcing that I'm going... and now the trip is less than two weeks away!

I'm pretty psyched really. Mainly because I'll be off work and I've been craving Halal chicken and rice. I'm stoked to be returning to New York. I love the feeling of being a nobody in the big city. It's great to be caught up in the hub bub of the hustle and bustle. I just like New York. We'll also be spending much time with Amazing Grace! She wants to take us to a bunch of restaurants she'd only visit when out-of-towners are in town. I'm dying to try out a Bobby Flay restaurant.

We're staying with Ellvin Kelvin again, but of course, and I'm hoping he has internet at his new place. Then I'll be able to post some pictures and make reports as I'm there from good ol' Hedwig, my iBook. But if he doesn't, then I guess I'll just toss a bunch of pictures in one giant blog entry.

One really big event, that I knew about, but just by coincidence landed on the same week we'll be in New York, happening is the RENT 10th anniversary special performance. The original cast (movie cast) is going to perform the show for one night. Tickets are $1,000 - $2,000 a piece, but they're also doing $20 lottery tickets. If I won that, that'd be freakin' crazy.

I've already taken care of my taxes (2 weeks ago!) so I'm not stressing about that. I am getting both a federal and state refund, though not as much as last year. I guess I'll just spend my entire return in New York. It's only around $400 anyway.

But all in all, I'm just looking for a little R & R. Work has been pretty brutal as of late. I won't get into that though. I'd hate to spend my non-8-hours-of-work time thinking about my 8-hours of work time. Does that make sense? I don't wanna think about it.

Lastly, Mint the green squirrel moved out of my Animal Crossing town and I'm very depressed about that.

Wing dang doodle,