Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The years fly.

Unlike Superman. Burn!

But seriously. I've been doing this for three years and still arguably enjoying it. Yes, I hit some dry creative droughts for periods at a time. Sometimes, read "most of the time," my life is pretty damn boring and I attempt to spice it up with some fancy wordplay. And sometimes I just forget to blog for a few weeks. But I'm still going strong. Still good. Arguably.

It's amazing though what has come about since I started writing the blog. There was that whole not really graduating in time unless I took Spanish during the summer. There was my actual graduation. There were multiple trips to Disneyland with friends, beach trips with Angel Wing Jasmine, and my whole X-Games phase; who could forget my devastating skateboarding injury. The life of an unemployee, then employee. Oh yes, the big job and then the big raise (make that two). New York! New York! New York! Florida! Florida! Florida! Feeling down. Poetry. Dirtbikes. Getting drunk at Avalon Cove. 24 marathons. Rufio/Dashboard/Something Corporate/New Found Glory concerts! Backwards blogs. Karla visits. Christmas listlessness. Finding out that musicals can be cool. Cirque too! Reading some books for a change! Conquering Hurricane Ivan. Gambling...once. Starting a savings and watching it grow. Up Syndrome? Hating Philly. FerFerFer. ViveViveVive. 666. The many adventures of poo. Triple shits. TV! Nintendo! Ant rants. Popping bunny tails and shooting cats. Mac addict. iPods. Dreams at wake. The homeless. Getting fat. Series 6. Chim Chim Cheroo. Animal Crossing. Ill. Self-help. Amazing Grace! Lying in NY. Wedding Singer three times! Wisdom teeth. Present.

Wow. Three years in one paragraph. I need to get out more!

[Insert annual picture]