Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to Three

This weekend is particularly busy. Not only are we cleaning the house for Amazing Grace's one day visit (she's coming down here for an interview), but I've got three birthday party's to go to on this long weekend.

First up in about two hours, I will be journeying down to Brea for a co-worker's 60th birthday! It's a surprise party that's "semi-formal." Crapsticks! I was hoping I could just show up in jeans.

Second up tomorrow is Erico Suave's birthday! Now he lives down in Newport Beach now, so we don't often get a chance to hang out. This will be my first foray into his new place. I had ordered multiple parts of his birthday present from online outlets, but only one has shown up. So I'm going to have to improvise and/or just give him a late gift.

Thirdly on Monday is Grandpa K's birthday banquet. This one should be standard fun! I wonder if we have to dress all nicelike.

So those are my plans. One birthday party for each group of people in my life; co-workers, friends, and family. You think I'd be giddy about all these parties (or as the cool people call them: partays), but I've got other stuff on my mind. Namely, this disturbing video that Ellvin Kelvin introduced me to that talks about unanswered questions regarding 9/11. Watch them for yourselves and tell me what you think:

Full run through:

This one cuts right to the main points:

It's like the producers of 24 aren't too far off with our current government.

Lastly, I promised some videos and such of the Florida trip and as always, I've fallen behind. But here's number one of an unspecified series. Speed 2 cruising in front of the Magic Kingdom! Enjoy!

Having trouble sleeping and feeling helpless,