Sunday, February 25, 2007

On My Nerves

I'm so freakin' annoyed right now. When I went to my cousin's house yesterday, I noticed that his iTunes library looked very familiar. In fact, it was exactly MY fuckin' library. Then I saw that my other cousin had my tunes. It turns out that my brother, who duplicated my library for his on his PC, gave away all my music like a fuckin' hooker on a dirty street corner.

Yeah, we're family and perhaps we should help each other out. But goddammit, to see my exact library with songs that I KNOW they won't even like or listen to fuckin' bugs the shit out of me. My library is my personality, so why is it on loan to every goddamn other person in my fuckin' family.

I'm also really tired of people freeloading off me. Why is it that I'm the only one paying for this stuff. It isn't fair to me that everyone's too damn cheap to get their own life. That's why from here on out, if someone wants to leech off of something from me, they'd better help me pay for it. Half the cost should do. It's only fair. I'll do the same.

Getting things off my chest,