Saturday, February 10, 2007


It's time to take a little breather and give an update on stuff. For starters, I can't believe I never bragged about beating Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess here. It only took me 56 hours and I enjoyed every second of that game (well, maybe not the Ice Temple). But it has thus started my fascination with Zelda. Since then, I've played through LOZ: The Minish Cap which was also pretty awesome. I'm currently playing LOZ: A Link to the Past, but man if that game isn't freakin' hard. I also bought the original Legend of Zelda for NES which is just about impossible to play.

But I haven't been spending all my time as Link. Last week, I assumed the role of Kyle Hyde; a former NYPD officer turned undercover private investigator posing as a door-to-door salesman. He was assigned to Hotel Dusk to locate some missing items and some missing persons. I just finished the game this morning and it was awesome. It was very texty, but so long as the story is interesting, I can take it (unlike Trace Memory). In fact, I liked the Kyle Hyde character so much that I was thinking of being him for Halloween. Of course, Halloween is over 8 months away, but that's how all my costume ideas start. I think of a costume idea, comment to myself that I have way too much time to start this project, then faster than I know it, it's October 15 and it's too late to proceed as planned. So maybe I'll start this one early. The main component of the costume is a black jacket with a white strip down the sleeves that says "Red Crown" on the back. Just watch, I'll make it happen.

And speaking of projects... my boss asked me late last week to assume the role of Project Manager for a small program my company (and specifically my area) is implementing. Crazy schtuff eh? I'm actually really nervous about this. I've always been one to shy away from more responsibility. When I worked at Disneyland, I didn't want to try for Lead or Trainer positions because I wanted it easy. And way back when I was on a gymnastics team, I was excelling too quickly and quit under the assumption that I wasn't going to do well (I never tried). This is the perfect opportunity for me to change things. I'll attack this project and see it through. Albeit, this is a small project that will probably mean very little to the company, but it may just be the thing that pushes me further than I thought I could go.

I've got a meeting on Monday and I'm scared as hell. Wish me luck.

Getting things clear in my head,