Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hey There Blimpie Boy

Holy hell in a hand basket!

Today was my first trip to the gym since my vacation (or since December probably) and after my very half-assed workout, I weighed myself. It looks as if I gained 6 pounds on vacation. And I thought I ate moderately well. Sure, I had the occasional bag o' fries and ice cream and churros, but every morning I had a healthy omelet and stuff for lunch and dinner. Okay, I guess chicken strips and burritos and such aren't exactly salads, but whatever. Man, I feel so heavy.

A month ago, I had set a Nike+iPod running goal of 10 miles in 4 weeks. Well, the deadline was yesterday and I didn't succeed. I only achieved 6 of the intended 10 miles. But I've set a new goal giving myself double the time! If I can't make this one, then that's pretty sad.

So sad that I'm going to eat myself happy.

Loosening my belt,