Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Whole New Disney World

I've returned. But not without the effects of visiting theme parks for a week straight. FIrstly, I'm still on Florida time. For the past three nights I've been falling asleep at 9pm. Also, after the fourth vacation day, my ankle was in pain and it still hurts.

But let us rewind for a second.

Our flight, though it was delayed by 90 minutes to replace a tire, was enjoyable. I've discovered the joys of Cran-Apple juice. The flight wasn't crowded at all. Then when we landed, we were surprised with a limo ride to our hotel. I'm serious!

Disney has a promotional campaign where they make "dreams" come true. Apparently my dream was to bypass a standard shuttle and ride like a billionaire pimp to a budget value resort.

Around this time, it's not busy at all. However, it just so happened that two new attractions opened on the weekend we were there (Finding Nemo The Musical and The Seas with Nemo), so it did get busy for those two days. But we had no trouble conquering each park multiple times.

Therein lies the problem. Each morning, we were determined to beat the crowds, so we were up pretty early. And then on most nights we were at Downtown Disney for some late night shopping. It was nonstop and never truly relaxing. In fact, somewhere near the end, we were burned out. We needed a break from the parks and so we turned to recreational activities to fill our time. Horseback riding and boating!

While we were there, Angel Wing Jasmine celebrated her 26th birthday. For her gift, I treated her to kick ass seats to the resident Cirque du Soleil show, La Nouba. This marked the 4th viewing for me and everything was going smoothly... until during the flying man act, we heard a CLINK! (the sound of a metal clip breaking or unfastening), a yelp, saw the sight of shadowy flailing arms, and then the sound of a sickening thud on the stage. The personality known as the Green Bird had fallen and was not moving. The flying man had stopped his act and just stared. It was a long silent moment before a stagehand came out to check on her. One performer stepped out and blocked the view with her costume. The flying man finished his act prematurely and they stopped the show. The house lights went on and several others came to the Green Bird's side. They carried her off stage on a stretcher and took her to the hopital (Angel Wing Jasmine kept a play by play since she's a paramedic). The show resumed, but it never recovered. The clown act directly after was painful to watch and the trapeze act suffered from jitters as 2 of the 3 big flip tricks didn't land. We checked in on the Green Bird days later and the giftshop lady said she had broken a bone and would be back in the show after she recovered.

So other than that, it was a pretty normal fun Walt Disney World trip with tons of new stuff to do. It was great to see Angel Wing Jasmine make the visit and get along so well with Erico Suave and MacArthur. And it looks like we got out of Florida just in time to miss some tornados. Tha's crazy! I've got some videos that I'll be posting during the week, so stay tuned!

Back to working; frowny face,