Friday, August 17, 2007

KFC: Mammoth: The Movie

When I brought two cameras along for the hike, they said I was crazy. And I was. All my electronics are caked in dirt. But for this video, hosted by the talented K-mart, it was worth it.

I'm really proud of this video because it's really my first official music video. I did a short WDW Boating video earlier this year with music, but this was the first time video was actually cut to the song. Expect many more of these in the future because I had so much fun editing this one.

Well anyway, I think it's great. It certainly could have been much worse. I mean, I could have cut together some hiking shots with "The Phantom of the Opera" repeating 20 times...

While you watch, try to find the one person who didn't enjoy the hike. Look closely and don't blink or you'll miss it!

Warning: Two instances of profanity exist at the end of the video when the song ends. Please take precaution to shield little ears.

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