Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gearing Up For Christmas

Yes, you're reading that correctly next to the current date. We are gearing up for Christmas... 2008.

We've received an estimated closing month of April for our house and I couldn't be more exciterated! I'm pretty sure 2008 will be spent adjusting the house to our liking, what with the walls to paint and rooms to furnish and backyard to landscape. But one thing's for sure, Kwan Family Christmas 2008 will be at the new house.

The reason I wanted the party at our house is because I've always wanted to go all out with decorations. Living on my own now, I'll be able to do just that (the same with Halloween hopefully). But if we don't throw a party, then there's no point in hanging decor. So I called dibs on the Christmas party.

Needing massive amounts of decoration, I realized that now is the best time to get stuff. Thus, we need to gear up. But I'm not seeing that great of After-Christmas deals. And I don't have a good idea of what I need. Sure, a wreath would be nice and some green garland or whatever; that stuff you hang across walls. I think we have enough icicle lights for the exterior. But what else?

Anyway, I had a pretty good Christmas. However, it didn't feel as Christmassy as I would have liked. I don't know why. It just seemed to breeze on by faster than ever.

But soon it will be New Year's Eve and I've got plans with the family this year; something about a Scrubs Marathon/Crepe Cookout/Rock Band all-nighter. And then later that week, Snowboarding Attempt Redux. Will I successfully shred the slopes this time? Or will it turn into another walkabout? We'll see. And with pictures too!