Sunday, December 16, 2007

RickyRoutes Me-Gifting Tips

This time of the year, we are all busy buying gifts for everyone. To make matters more hectic, our family does a Secret Santa. I know it's as hard as ever to find gifts for everyone on your list, but I feel especially sorry for the poor sap who drew my name from that hat.

So, in the spirit of giving, I've decided to help that person along. Here are some gift ideas that you may consider (whoever you may be):

- Oil Painting Set -
Next year, we will be finally moving out into the world and into our own house. But with such a blank canvas, we'll need some stuff to adorn the walls. Watching some home decorating shows and seeing some "art" on display in museums and such have made me realize that any idiot can make a painting. There are things considered "art" that are just blocks of color or two black dots. And so I guess, art is what you make of it. Long story short, I've decided to paint my own art pieces to hang around the house. I've already got the canvases and the Beginner's Guide. I just need the paint and brushes and palette. Michael's craft store sells these for cheap.

- Laptop Bag -
I've got a small 12" iBook that I tote around with me to work and the top-drop bag that I use is falling apart. I could use a new small portable bag, preferably one that loads from the top like a purse.

- Frame One of My Posters -
Last year, Ellvin Kelvin did something nice for Prisoner Tribbiani. He framed his beloved and valuable Avenue Q poster. Other things that I'll be hanging up in the new house are movie posters. I've been collecting a bunch of beautiful cinema display prints for around 6 years and definitely have my favorites. My top picks include: Brad Bird-signed Iron Giant, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ratatouille, Little Mermaid, James and the Giant Peach, Finding Nemo, rare Incredibles, among others. So have Timotei steal one and surprise me. Michael's sells 27x41" frames for $40, but with a Sunday 40% coupon, the price is more than affordable.

- More Stuff For the New House -
When we move in, we'll definitely need some new stuff like kitchen necessities, alcohol for our bar, stylish trash bins, etc. Raid the Target Home aisles and help us out. And maybe buy something else for our eventual House Warming party.

- Books... or More Accurately... Book -
I've got a treasure chest of books that I need to plow through. From classic children's books to Dean Koontz. I have little time to read and far less patience. But there is one book that I've been awaiting for the longest time. It's called 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. I had read his mass market debut Heart-Shaped Box and thought it was a pretty good thriller, so I am curious to see what other stories he has in store.

- Electric Shaver -
This one isn't quite that affordable, but I've been wanting one of those fancy electric shaver doohickies. I'm tired of the Mach3's and Schick Quattros of the world.

- Ties -
At work, ties are frowned upon. The President of my department sees them as nooses. Well he's retiring at the end of this year and I feel like appearing more professional. Who the hell am I trying to impress? Nobody. I just like the way they look on me (and sometimes I need to cover up that iron burn stain down the front of my white shirt). I like solid ties, no real crazy designs. Something really simple and neat, like big stripes, and dark bold colors.

- LOST: Season 3 -
UPDATE - This item has been received
One of my favorite shows of all time has one of the best seasons of all time. I'm waiting for this DVD set to dip into the $20 range, but would love to have it sooner.

- Wii Stuff -
I've got plenty of games to play and you'd probably be hard pressed to find a game that I want that I do not already own. But I have been interested in the Wii Zapper, which is extremely affordable yet hard-to-find. Also I have been running low on Wii Points for those downloadable retro games (not to mention flash drive space on my Wii).

I hope this list helps at least one person out there. If it has, I've done my job. And I've been meaning to put this picture up from my Newsie costume, but with the lack of blog entries, I finally have the chance. Enjoy!

Jolly and fat!