Monday, December 03, 2007

Pimple For My Thoughts

It's been a while. Only two entries in the month of November. If you hate my blog, that's something to be thankful for.

But you know, it's been a really busytressful time for me both at work and at home.

First of all, I had been working nonstop for a good week getting a Christmas gift together. I finally finished it last night and hopefully it turns out very nice. For all the hell it put me through, I do think it will be worth it. But then there's the whole gift buying thing in general. It's so hectic, but thank garb for

Secondly, this whole house buying thing was really getting to me. We completed the loan application process and are awaiting word. But in the meantime, we picked out our house upgrades and I gotta say it's gonna look suh-weet! Nice $11,000 flooring, but there was a time we thought we made a big mistake. However, after 5 days of stressing over it, I made a call and got it fixed. If you really care, we originally picked laminate flooring in the family room, but it destroyed the flow in the entry, so we changed it to all tile.

Thirdly, was the dentist. I had postponed my appointment in October and had to face the music last week. But I had a plan going in. Just as the hygienist was about to start, I broke the exciting news that I'm buying a house! She blabbed the ENTIRE cleaning about how houses, leaving not a dull moment to reflect on my teeth. It wasn't all roses though; she basically went on a tirade about how I shouldn't buy a house now; that what I'm paying is too expensive. I didn't even tell her how big the house is.

She's not the only one. Everyone and their mom is a market watcher who feels obligated to warn us not to buy a house for 2 years. Sure, whatever. The market is still coming down, yes. However, I'm not going to wait forever to live on my own. Plus, the way we have chosen the house (by way of Feng Shui), everything falls in place perfectly and this is the house for us.

Four, my project at work is killing me. It was supposed to be a fairly easy project and has escalated into a giant hammelmeyer. And soon I'll be on another project. Usually the end of the year is a chillax time, but not this time.

So all this stress leads me to my number five: ACNE! It's terrible. As if the season's change didn't bring enough pimply breakouts, the stress is causing them to duplicate at an alarming rate. I pop one, three more pop up. I had to have had (or currently have) 14 in all. That's gross, I know. But since I've been away from the blogosphere for so long, I figure you deserved the juicy details. Was it worth the vomiting in your mouth? It sure is for me.