Thursday, December 11, 2008

Revenge of the "Dynamite December Daze"

Wow, it's been five years since my "Dynamite December Daze" eventstravaganza! Has it been that long? I guess all my other Decembers have been pretty uneventful. But this is 2008 so here we go!

--- Angel Wing Jasmine 2-Day Disney BollyBlitz ---
The DDD events really started with Angel Wing Jasmine and Coxsmith's trip down yonder nether-regions. But I already blogged about that, so let's move on to future events.

--- Co-Worker Fuckin' Party ---
I apologize for the language, but this Saturday night, we're all gonna get f'ed the fuck up!!! Well, we have been getting bugged repeatedly by co-workers to host a house party at our house. I had been lackadaisical only because I did not want people to drive all the way out to the boonies just for a beer. But, they promised some nice housewarming gifts, so I caved. I do love me some regalos caros.

So this Saturday, one night only... We will drink. We will pizza. We will rock. Shitfaced, I shall document the night for this blog.

--- Annual Holiday Potfuck ---
Uh, so, it's really "potluck," but I just got so caught up in the last party part that the F word just slipped. Fuckin' awesome! But next Tuesday is our Annual Holiday Floor Potluck at work. This year, Timotei and I are joining forces to bring Famous Dave's cornbread muffins. They will be how you say fuckin' sweet as hell bitches!

--- New Yawk, Nevada ---
It may seem like this whole month is dedicated to my co-worker bees, but that's pretty much the truth. Next weekend, Timotei and I will be joining 9 co-workers and their significant others at Vegas to tear up the town. Oh yeah, right when we cross that stateline, I will transform into my player alter ego "Rude Dude Twenty-two." We'll see how many bitches score with me. Probably nud.

--- Comic-on ---
The night we return from Vegas, we will try to hit up a stand up act with half Irish, half Korean funnyman Steve Byrne. Hopefully we can make this. He is heil-larious.

--- X-mas and New Years ---
Same old. But also very fun. But the first without Ellvin Kelvin. He will be coming back in January though with Amazing Grace chillin' with the homies (meaning Timotei and me).

So that's my jam-packed December. Before I know it, there will be puke on my brand new house carpets and the month will be over. Thank Glob too because I can't wait till 2009. Oh shit. High school reunion...

"Dynamite December Daze" Part Deux starts neux!