Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Blog Post! (aka Twitter is Down)

Sadly, if you're not following my adventures on Twitter, then you're probably feeling a little neglected by me. I freely admit that I'm addicted to Twitter. It's really great because I've met some really awesome, funny, intelligent people. It's nice to surround myself with people who share my thoughts on religion, politics, and flatulence. I'm probably going to meet up with a few tweeps sometime in the future.

But enough about Twitter (because I just checked again and it's still down), what has been going on with me these past few absent weeks?

Well all of July we've been waiting on our iPhone orders to get fulfilled. One month later... WE GOT EM! I am now officially one of the cool kids. And despite the crappy quick depleting battery, the entire experience is great!

One of my Twitter peeps got me on a new social media experiment called "foursquare." You basically go around town and visit stores and restaurants and "check in" on the site. They mark on Google Maps where you are and send it off to Twitter. Basically, I'm saying "Stalkers, find me. Go!"

It's still a new thing, but I'm sure it's taking off. It's kind of like Twitter meets Yelp. I'm still weary about giving my information out to a mass audience. If you read my tweets, I don't give out specifics on where I am, etc. So I am still being careful with this, but also open (as is our generation).

Now, if had an iPhone app, I might just blog a little more.

Gonna need Twitlonger for this,